The Tezos ledger uses a low-level statically-typed language for Smart Contracts, called Michelson. Although Michelson can be used directly, the lack of variables and the use of stack-based instructions make it hard to write, and harder to read. Early in the life of Tezos, the need rised for a higher-level language. The Liquidity prototype was born in June 2017 at OCamlPro, and officially released in February 2018 on the Alphanet network of Tezos.

Liquidity follows Michelson type-system, but implemented on a subset of the OCaml syntax. It comes with a compiler to Michelson, and a decompiler that can translate Michelson contracts to Liquidity, for auditing purpose.

The official websites for Liquidity are:

The Liquidity project contains:

  • A compiler from Liquidity files (.liq extension) to Michelson
  • A decompiler from Michelson files (.tz extension) to Liquidity

See Examples in the Github project.